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The Tale of the Short, Complicated, but Meaningful Lives of Meat Ducks at the reLuxe Ranch

Tuesday and Wednesday, of this week, were duck slaughter and processing days for us. Unfortunately, due to some incubation challenges (to be shared shortly in a separate post), this first round of ducks, were born in California at Metzer Farms... Continue Reading →


Worm Bed Maintenance

A while back I wrote a blog about Vermicomposting for Rule Breakers.  Here's a video of what that bed looks like and how easy feeding the worms is. This is my second attempt at a video.  It's no Hollywood Blockbuster since... Continue Reading →

May and the Making of a Homestead Video

May was a busy month.  Our farmers markets were in full swing.  Our new summer intern, Abby Doyle, joined us and got started on a few projects she'll be writing about on this blog soon.  My mom and sister came... Continue Reading →

Goats, Chickens, Parasite Prevention, and the Pleasures of Pasture

The image below shows a snip of our chicken run and coop, goat house and pasture, and our garden. The garden is bookended by the goat and chicken shelters and the goat pasture is on the uphill side of th... Continue Reading →

AlpacaDabra – The Magic Behind Beautiful Alpaca Fiber Products

Last year I met a man who told me that he and his wife were on a mission to eradicate synthetic fiber.  He stood under the shade of a farmers market easy-up tent with a couple of display tables and... Continue Reading →

Goat Yoga at the reLuxe Ranch?

Apparently "goat yoga" is now a thing.  When baby goats are learning to jump and balance, they like to test their skills by standing on and jumping off things. At our place, they use the milk stand, a bucket full... Continue Reading →

Nursery School for Farmers Market Vendors

This year I decided to apply for my nursery permit so I could sell perennial plants at the farmers markets.  There wasn't a whole lot of information online about the inspection process other than contact info and fees. Since some... Continue Reading →

Duck Paddock Paradise

Back in January, I laid out my plan for permanent duck paddocks in my Homestead Wish List.  I didn't put a date on completion because I wanted to perfect my art of duck paddock-making so I could duplicate the process for my... Continue Reading →

Good BeeHavior

Honey bees are incredible.  They are so industrious, organized, and community oriented. Even after two days of travel by post, refreshed by a few squirts of sugar water, they will happily make themselves at home in the human equivalent of a... Continue Reading →

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