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The Gift Economy

I started this post in March last year.  For reasons I can't remember, I got side-tracked and it never finished it.  But, now as I am looking back through my drafts folder, I realized that there's important stuff in here... Continue Reading →


reLuxe reCap: Blogging, Plenty of Pigs, Chicken Fences, Muddy Messes, and More

The lazy days of winter are slowly easing into spring.  According to the Cornell Spring Forecasting tool, spring is just a couple weeks away for us.  And I can signs of it all around.  The comfrey is creeping up through... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Growing – A Harrowing Saga of Naivete and Perseverance

One of our very first projects, here on the reLuxe Ranch, was to erect our greenhouse.  We bought a kit and had it delivered even before we moved in. Matt and I felt such urgency to get it up that... Continue Reading →

Field Dressing A Cow

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to her family's home to witness a cow slaughter.  Now, I am no stranger to killing and processing animals. I have personally been up to my elbows in guts and... Continue Reading →

Stocks are Down, Seeds are Up: Somewhere in Beulah Land.

We live in a remote, rural part of North Carolina. Our county has some of the highest opioid addiction and drug-related death rates in our state. Most of the industry around here left long ago and hasn't looked back. At... Continue Reading →


What a word! When you read it, did you immediately think about the content of a blog? How about the content of your life? Or did you take another turn and think about what it means to be content, as... Continue Reading →

The Imagined Life

As a writer, I spend a lot of time imaging lives other than my own. It's pretty easy for me to conjure up new characters, places I have never been, and even other worlds in vivid detail on a blank... Continue Reading →

Permaculture Principle No. 4: Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback

I  really like the 12 Permaculture Principles.  They give a wonderful framework for both planning and evaluating your landscape, and even lifescape, design.  Personally though, I find it hard to remember all 12 principles on a regular basis.  Most of... Continue Reading →

Evolution of our Homestead – A Look Back with an Eye to the Future

Every so often I check on google maps to see if there is a new aerial image of our property. It looks like they did a fly by back in July 2017.  For kicks, and because I am beginning our 2018... Continue Reading →

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