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Planning an Outdoor Homesteading Kitchen – The Evolution of an Idea

When I made my homesteading wish list this year, I included this bullet point: I have a makeshift butcher station that I use for my outdoor poultry processing.  I want to give it a more attractive, formal, outdoor kitchen kind... Continue Reading →

The Aesthetics of Homesteading and What I Learned from our Frog Pond

The reality is that we’re going to have to offer other images of beauty, neatness, order and affluence to help people change what’s floating in their heads. And one of the things we may have to point out is this... Continue Reading →

Homesteader’s Hommage to Mints and Other Almost-Invasives

I know a lot of people avoid growing mint, or only grow it in containers, because of its invasive nature.  As a gardener, I totally understand this sentiment, but as a homesteader with a lot of land to to plant... Continue Reading →

It’s up to us.

This will be short. Today was 75 degrees.  I was working outside in a tank top and had to come inside to sit down because I got overheated moving mulch in a wheelbarrow. My landscape thinks we are two weeks... Continue Reading →

Building Soil Fertility

When we first dreamed of our homestead, it looked a whole lot like Sepp Holzer's Krameterhof.  We imagined ponds galore, diverse ecological life, expansive grazing paddocks, rustic dug out pig shelters, and microclimates aplenty to support avocados and olives here... Continue Reading →

Irrigation, Instincts, and Feedback Loops

I had every intention of putting a drip irrigation system in our garden this year. I've done a ton of research. I reorganized our beds to prepare them for ideal drip emitter spacing and line configuration. I even wrote about... Continue Reading →

Homesteading Review 2/18-3/5/17

Since it's officially spring according to nature, it's now also officially really busy on the homestead.  (Though, it'll still be a few weeks before our flowers look like the header photo from spring last year). This week we had 15... Continue Reading →

Creating Boundaries in the Permaculture and Edible Landscape

One of the early lessons I learned about growing a permaculture or edible landscape is that most people have no idea what one is.  Quite a bit of the good stuff we are growing as food, medicine, or beneficial companions register... Continue Reading →

Mulch Madness!

I am not a basketball fan, but I am a huge - read HUGE!!! - mulch fan. And March for me, means mulch.  Now, when I say mulch, I specifically mean shredded hardwood.  Some people mulch with straw, old hay, compost,... Continue Reading →

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