I’m Tasha Greer, a writer, homesteader, and slow food proponent. I live, work, and love life at the reLuxe Ranch,  a homestead and farm located in Lowgap, North Carolina.  My focus is on polyculture food systems, ethically raising livestock for food and soil production, local community building, and quiet revolution through lifestyle evolution.

This site is a contemplative space for sharing ideas and thoughts on how to navigate the challenges of this complex, threatened, but still wonderful world we live in.  Since I am not a machine, and have tons of varied interests, I have no idea what content will come up here.  But hopefully, it’s useful to someone, somewhere.  At the very least, it’s good fun for me and a nice way to develop more discipline in my writing and in my attempts at finding saner ways of living in a complex world.

Matt, who will undoubtedly be mentioned a lot in these blog posts, is my co-pilot on this adventure, my constant source of inspiration, and my reality check.  He is also the brains of our operation and the heavy lifter.  And quite frankly, though he hates the reference, he’s my Mr. Darcy – the perfect balance to all my imperfections and my romantic ideal incarnate.

Thanks for visiting!