It’s a GoSun Solar stove that cooks for six and it was just delivered today.  Matt and I first found out about GoSun at a Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville in spring of 2015.  We almost bought a smaller version that cooks for two on the spot.  But then they told us they were making a bigger version with a solar battery and we could fund the kick starter and get one hot off the presses.  So, we funded the kickstarter and waited.  And waited.

Then GoSun ran into issues with their manufacturers in China.  So we waited again.  Then they realized they simply couldn’t make the solar battery for the price point they planned, so they came back to all of us investors who were promised solar battery equipped GoSun stoves and gave us the option to pay more or go battery-less.

Since it had already been over a year of waiting at that point and multiple deadlines had been missed, Matt and I opted for the battery-less version.  To be honest, we kind of figured we’d funded a dud and had reconciled ourselves to our losses.  To our surprise, we got an email in October 2016 telling us the oven was really coming by the end of the year.  Well, it arrived today, not quite the end of the year, but still it was a nice surprise.

And it sure is a beauty and I am looking forward to using it.  We cook on a gas stove normally, so the idea of a totally solar oven and avoiding using those carbon-intensive resources really appeals to me.

Ok, I’m being totally flippant here.  Because, as I just told you, our GoSun stove was made in China, came over by boat, and was delivered by our Fedex driver in a gas operated vehicle.  And I am sure you can tell from the picture just how many carbon intensive resources went into its manufacture.

If we really wanted to do something environmentally sound, we’d live on counter-cultured cheese from our homestead goats and homegrown salad greens and skip cooking altogether.

Being able to cook our food quickly using some type of convenient fuel is a luxury that we really enjoy.  Adding a totally solar option to our quick cooking tool line-up is, first and foremost, kind of cool.  Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression here, Matt and I are not really preppers.  But we do ultimately want to live a life less dependent on money.  So having a solar cooker also adds options to reduce our overhead long-term so we aren’t forever stuck buying gas.  And there is is also a kind of peace of mind in having it…just in case living on less were a goal realized sooner than expected.

This is totally a reluxe Luxury, and after all the waiting, I really can’t wait to put it to good use.  Here’s hoping for sun soon!