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Good BeeHavior

Honey bees are incredible.  They are so industrious, organized, and community oriented. Even after two days of travel by post, refreshed by a few squirts of sugar water, they will happily make themselves at home in the human equivalent of a... Continue Reading →

On Being a Farmer

For our first two years of "hardcore" homesteading, here at the reLuxe Ranch, I resisted calling myself a farmer. In my mind, farmers drove combines and raised monocrops. They used pesticides and herbicides and focused on NPK.  Farmers sold bulk... Continue Reading →


I stole this blog title from Matt (my significant other).  He used that name when he forwarded me two pictures of the pigs that he took earlier in the week. And that made me want to take my own pictures... Continue Reading →

Are Local Farmers Markets Really Local? A Call to Market!

This week we had our farmers market inspection. The agricultural extension agent for our county came to our property to confirm that we are growing everything we plan to sell on our vendor application.  Since we are not a traditional farm,... Continue Reading →

Homestead Review -3/6 to 3/31

It's been a bit of a roller coaster weather-wise this year. I planted some things ahead of schedule because soil temperatures were right for germination and I didn't want to miss our cool growing period in case we went straight... Continue Reading →

Chicken Winner and Chicken Dinner

Sunday was slaughter day.  I hatched out six eggs from our hens on September 28.  I raised those chickens in the greenhouse to add warmth overwinter. I expected that a few of the hatchlings would be layers for our flock and a... Continue Reading →

Vermicomposting for Rule Breakers

Yesterday I harvested worm castings and fed my worms.  So, I thought I would share a little information on my vermicomposting experience and my system now. When we first started vermicomposting in the suburbs, we set-up some nice, tidy plastic... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Pond Building

There's probably a reason I raise ducks and feel a sort of kinship with them.  I have an obsession with ponds. I am pretty sure I fell in love with our homestead now because one of the first things you... Continue Reading →

A Pig Scalding Scaffold Gets a Makeover

Here on the homestead, aesthetics do play a role in our decisions, but sometimes we have to favor practical over beautiful. For example, we don't have a tractor or any structure strong enough to use to hoist a pig.  So,... Continue Reading →

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