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reLuxe reCap: Planting Hazelnuts, Four Meals from a 2 pound Pork Shoulder Roast, Slope Scoops, and Our Weekly Cheese-Making Routine – Week of March 5 to 11, 2018

This past week was very winter like.  We spent much of it doing indoor activities like planning and writing and dreaming about the spring that started in February and disappeared in March.  But we did get a bit done outdoors.... Continue Reading →


reLuxe reCap: Strawberry Bed-Preparation, Potato Planting, Goat Wrestling, and Preparing for Peaches (with Dormant Spray for Brown Rot Recipe) – Week of February 26 – March 4, 2018

I really want to use this blog to keep better track of what we've got going on at the homestead.  So, you might see more of these reLuxe reCaps in the next few months as we get busy with planting,... Continue Reading →

The Gift Economy

I started this post in March last year.  For reasons I can't remember, I got side-tracked and it never finished it.  But, now as I am looking back through my drafts folder, I realized that there's important stuff in here... Continue Reading →


reLuxe reCap: Blogging, Plenty of Pigs, Chicken Fences, Muddy Messes, and More

The lazy days of winter are slowly easing into spring.  According to the Cornell Spring Forecasting tool, spring is just a couple weeks away for us.  And I can signs of it all around.  The comfrey is creeping up through... Continue Reading →


Greenhouse Growing – A Harrowing Saga of Naivete and Perseverance

One of our very first projects, here on the reLuxe Ranch, was to erect our greenhouse.  We bought a kit and had it delivered even before we moved in. Matt and I felt such urgency to get it up that... Continue Reading →


Field Dressing A Cow

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to her family's home to witness a cow slaughter.  Now, I am no stranger to killing and processing animals. I have personally been up to my elbows in guts and... Continue Reading →


Stocks are Down, Seeds are Up: Somewhere in Beulah Land.

We live in a remote, rural part of North Carolina. Our county has some of the highest opioid addiction and drug-related death rates in our state. Most of the industry around here left long ago and hasn't looked back. At... Continue Reading →



What a word! When you read it, did you immediately think about the content of a blog? How about the content of your life? Or did you take another turn and think about what it means to be content, as... Continue Reading →


The Imagined Life

As a writer, I spend a lot of time imaging lives other than my own. It's pretty easy for me to conjure up new characters, places I have never been, and even other worlds in vivid detail on a blank... Continue Reading →


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