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Sleep in the Age of Climate Change

Last night I slept so deeply that I woke sore and beaten by it.  A good sleep, after a long time without it, will do that to you. In part, my recent lack of sleep was due to being more... Continue Reading →


8. Homesteading Field Trip – Using Chickens

Today is chicken field trip day on the blog. This is part 8 in my online brainstorming for a possible book on homesteading book.  If you want to check out the rest of the series, see the Homesteading – The Series page. ... Continue Reading →

7. Homesteading Field Trip – Routine

Other people have assured me that chickens don't really have to be let out at the crack of dawn to be happy. But my chickens' behavior suggests otherwise. Daybreak As soon as the sun filters through the windows in their... Continue Reading →

6. Homesteading Field Trips

I used to love field trips in school.  We would spend a few weeks in advance studying and getting excited about the place we were going.  Then we'd go and have a great time.  Finally, we'd spend a few weeks... Continue Reading →

5. Brainstorm Your Homestead Into Being

We have now arrived at the point in this series when it's time to start to create a homestead plan.  With all the information and connections you've likely started to make, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to... Continue Reading →

4. Homesteading – Inventory

After 1) defining your purpose, 2) giving yourself permission to create a detailed dream, and 3) doing some pretty heavy-duty preliminary research to get an idea of all the big picture tools available to help you plan and build your... Continue Reading →

3. Homesteading – Preliminary Research

I love to read homesteading blogs.  The personal stories, wonderful details, and clear pleasure some of those amazing writers have in sharing their experience, makes for great reading.  I have also discovered so many incredible ideas for how to make... Continue Reading →

2. Dream Your Homestead into Existence

A few generations ago homesteading was a necessity for many people. In fact, my grandmother was a homesteader by necessity. The Way It Was According to the stories my family tells, my grandmother had 40 acres, a walnut forest, a... Continue Reading →

1. How Not To Homestead

I have been toying with the idea on writing a book about homesteading.  I have read heaps of homesteading guides and country skills books. I also read blogs on homesteading almost daily. Quite frankly, there is already so much good... Continue Reading →

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