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Adapting the Magic of Tidying Up for the Dynamic Homestead

At the beginning of the year, I started a massive clean-up and organization effort around our homestead.  I used the concept from Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, as my guide through the process.  In Marie's words:... Continue Reading →


Vacation Preparation As a Homesteader

I am getting ready for my annual trip to visit my mom in Missouri. As a homesteader, vacations require some planning and preparation. However, relative to the effort I used to expend to take a few days off from my... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Details

When I started this blog, it was meant as a daily practice to track what we do here at the reLuxe Ranch and share stuff in case it is helpful to others. Somewhere along the way I got side-tracked and... Continue Reading →

Prosciutto di…Lowgap, North Carolina

The following is an excerpt from a manuscript I am working on relating to some of our experiences in homesteading. It seems appropriate to share this section on "Preservation" now because way back in mid-November 2015, we buried two fresh... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Soap Addict

Confession time.  I am a total soap addict. The romance, the intrigue, the ups and downs, and the absolute luxury are just irresistible to me. Oh and the history! No, I don't mean soap operas. I am talking about actual... Continue Reading →


G a r l i c. Those six letters spell out a thing of mystery, magic, and personal emotion so full of meaning that it reads like a sentence. Garlic's significance derives in part from the fact that it has been... Continue Reading →

What can we do?

I had this dream the other night that an awful catastrophe was coming and we only had a few minutes to prepare.  It wasn't a hurricane, but instead some kind of event that would take out the entire supply chain... Continue Reading →

Roscoe RIP – Culling versus Mercy Killing

The hardest part about homesteading isn't the work.  It's figuring out the right thing to do and having the strength to do it. This morning before breakfast, I went into the coop, picked up our big daddy rooster Roscoe, and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Sweet Corn

Oh Sweet Corn! Those ten foot stalks of homegrown goodness, with their wind-talking tassels, and shimmering pink threads of promise that give way to milky, sweet kernels of creamy, crunchy candy-like wholesomeness. Sweet corn is the stuff that American dreams... Continue Reading →

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